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Our commitment to no hidden costs

July 10, 2018

You’ve found the perfect home – it fits your budget, you love the layout and the kitchen’s perfect for entertaining. But what happens when you realise that what you see isn’t exactly what you get?

Buying a home can be overwhelming even if you have bought a property before. One of the many advantages of buying a new home is that everything is box fresh when you move in and you can choose interior styles and colour schemes as the construction is completed. However, it is often the case that not all of the choices or even essential fittings and fixtures are included in the price that you are quoted.

At Legal & General Homes, we are committed to ensuring these choices are included in the purchase price that we quote at the outset. This transparency helps our customers to budget effectively, with no nasty surprises along the way.

So what’s included in the price?

At Buckler’s Park, our first Legal & General Homes development, award-winning interior designer Andrew Henry Interiors has carefully curated four unique interior finishes and colour palettes for our homes. These can be applied to any of our ten different styles of house and apartment at Buckler’s Park at no extra cost to customers.

Bosch household appliances, including a fully-integrated dishwasher, washer/dryer and fridge/freezer, are also included along with other features such as Hansgrohe taps and a Hive smart thermostat. Flooring, turf and other items that are sometimes charged as extra are also included in our homes. In fact, if you visit one of our showhomes, you would not have to pay extra for any of the fixtures and fittings that you’ll see.

The team at our Visitors Centre can talk you through the other expected costs associated with buying a new home, such as stamp duty, legal and mortgage fees, and even likely costs for your utility bills. To get you started, you could also read our quick guide on the homebuying process explained.

We have built homes to suit people at different life stages and at Buckler’s Park, our homes are designed to London Design guidelines. Together, this allows our customers to grow within their home and accommodate a family, new hobby or working from home, for example. Ultimately, this reduces the potential need to move house in the future to reflect any changes to your lifestyle.

As one of the world’s oldest and most trusted financial services brands, we are committed to honesty and transparency. Ensuring the price of our homes includes the extras is one of the ways we can help to make the buying process as simple and straightforward as possible.

By John Allan, Managing Director of Legal & General Homes