Crowthorne timeline

June 2016 – Demolition of existing vacant business estate to commence (duration circa 10 months)

July 2017 – Sewer connection and highway improvement works.

The programme for the sewer connection and phase 1 is outlined in the table below and will commence 17th July 2017.

Nature of works Location Traffic Management Duration
Sewer connection From the Old Wokingham Road Thames Water Sewerage Treatment Works (north of the roundabout with Nine Mile Ride) to the site 2 way temporary traffic signals and 4 way temporary traffic signals as required 7 weeks approx.
Roundabout alterations including carriageway widening and resurfacing Roundabout at the junction of Old Wokingham Road and Nine Mile Ride 4 way temporary traffic signals 26 weeks approx.
Construction of the main spine road junction serving the site On the Eastern side of Old Wokingham Road between Hatch Ride and Rowan Drive 2 way temporary traffic signals 11 weeks approx.
Construction of the access to the area of natural green space On the Eastern side of Old Wokingham Road just north of Ellis Road 3 way temporary traffic signals 7 weeks approx.

Phase 2 will include construction of a third site access along with improvements to the roundabout at the junction of Old Wokingham Road and Bracknell Road. We will write to you in due course with further detail on this phase.

Please be assured that the site accesses that are constructed will in no way be used for construction traffic until all highway works are completed and thereafter only in exceptional circumstances throughout the course of the development. Construction traffic will continue to use the existing roundabout access on Nine Mile Ride.

Some of the above outlined works will be run concurrently in order to reduce the duration. It will also be our intention to ensure that traffic management is removed where it is safe to do so and where the works area will not be occupied for any length of time. We are also aware of the requirement of highway works in relation to the Bewley Homes development on Old Wokingham Road. We would like to assure you that we are working closely with Bracknell Forest Council and Wokingham Borough Council to ensure that works are effectively co-ordinated.

We have worked closely with Bracknell Forest Council and other stakeholders to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum. Having said that, works of this nature will inevitably cause some level of inconvenience, so we would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your co-operation and patience throughout the course of this project.

This programme could be subject to change due to inclement weather conditions or engineering difficulty and we will endeavour to keep residents informed of significant changes as required. Information specifically relating to the progress of the highway works including any minor changes to the programme together with further details of the development site can be found at

Should you have any concerns in relation to these works, please contact Beth Park via email, alternatively, you can call on 0207 566 7966.

August 2017 – SANG (Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace) construction to commence

Summer 2017- House building commences (subject to planning approval) nearest to Old Wokingham Road (first occupations mid 2018)