Crowthorne Residents’ Update

Residents’ Update                                                           April 2019

Old Wokingham Road
Between the 23rd & 25th January 2019 our contractors will be carrying out some essential maintenance and cleaning of mains drainage on Old Wokingham Road, between our site and Pinewood. For the safety of our workforce, temporary traffic lights will be required to complete the works and these will be removed overnight.

Water courses and ponds
The construction of the new water courses at Buckler’s Park has been completed. The streams entering our site continue to flow at low levels due to overall low levels of rainfall in recent months. The reduced inflows have subsequently impacted on outflows from our site into neighbouring watercourses.

Housebuilding – Phase 1
We continue to welcome new residents to Buckler’s Park every month with a significant number of the first phase of new homes now occupied.  Access to the development opposite Ellis Road has now been opened.

We have a range of new homes under construction, which are at different stages of build: from foundation to finishes.  Currently, construction of two homes is started every week.

We are focusing on completing the plots along Old Wokingham Road in phase 1. We expect these to be completed in the summer.

Housebuilding – Phase 2
Construction of our homes in phase 2, including roads, sewers and foundations, is well underway with brickwork to the superstructures due to start in February.

Residents may notice an increase in activity near Hatch Ride, with piling works starting in February and expected to continue until April 2019.

To ensure we are delivering Buckler’s Park in accordance with our planning permission, in late January / early February we will be beginning to remove of some older trees and bushes close to Old Wokingham Road.  This has been discussed and agreed with the local authority as part of our planning permission, in line with our commitment to improve the quality and sustainability of the landscape boundary.

SANG – Buckler’s Forest
The SANG in now open with a number of circular routes and walks available. We’re aware of the lack of bins to dispose of dog waste in the area and will be installing another two, so that there will be a total of four in the new country park. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Major milestones
Community centre planning application – First stage submission made.
School planning application – First stage submission made.

Social Value
Legal & General Homes and the team at Social Value Portal have been working hard to make a difference to the community around Buckler’s Park as part of our commitment to Social Value. We have been involved in several initiatives and projects that have directly benefited the local community.

Safety and security
Our site is patrolled by security, including support from a canine team. We would like to remind residents that whilst all reasonable precautions are taken, building sites can be dangerous places, although we understand they may seem exciting to children.

We would therefore like to ask parents to make sure their children are made aware of the dangers and are instructed not to enter the site at any time, unless doing so under the supervision of our site staff and wearing full personal protection equipment.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank residents for their patience and understanding whilst we undertake the development. Our team continue to work hard to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.