Crowthorne Residents Update

Residents  Update                                                             24th September 2018 – 21st October 2018

Highways improvements – off-site
The off-site highways works associated with our development are now completed.  As part of the formal handover process to the local authority, the works are inspected, and minor snagging works carried out if they are requested by the highways department. We would like to take this opportunity to thank residents for their patience with us whilst the highways improvements were completed.

On-site spine road, watercourses and ponds
The main spine road that runs through the site has now been completed.  All construction traffic enters the site via the access from the Nine Mile Ride roundabout which also provides a new entrance to Crowthorne House.

During the dry summer, we have also completed the new network of ponds and watercourses that will provide stormwater storage and manage the flows from incoming streams to the site. However, the streams entering our site have been dry or at very low levels for several weeks due to the exceptionally low rainfall in recent months and consequently, this has impacted on outflows from our site into neighbouring watercourses.

Housebuilding – Phase 1
We have been pleased to welcome the first residents to Buckler’s Park over the summer and several new homes are now occupied, with the development access opposite Ellis Road opened for residents’ use.
We are now building well into Phase 1 with over 100 plots at various stages of construction from foundations to finishes.

Housebuilding – Phase 2
We will shortly commence construction of our Phase 2 roads and homes including piled foundations. Residents may notice an increase in activity around access B (near Hatch Ride) with piling works ongoing until January 2019. No works will be taking place on the public highway.

The first phase of the SANG in now completed and the car park is open to the public.  We expect the final areas of the SANG to be completed by the end of the year, with some exciting community events to celebrate this milestone.

Major milestones
Community centre planning application; First stage submission made
School planning application; December 2018

Safety & Security
Our site is patrolled by security including support from a canine team. As ever, we would, however, like to take this opportunity to remind residents that whilst all reasonable precautions are taken, building sites can be dangerous places and no-one should ever enter the building site unless accompanied by a
Legal & General representative.

We would also, therefore, ask parents to ensure their children are made aware of the dangers and are instructed not to enter the site at any time unless doing so under the full supervision of our site staff and wearing full personal protection equipment.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank residents for their patience and understanding with us whilst we undertake the development.  Our team continue to work hard to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum always.

The next residents update email will be issued in four weeks.