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Meet the builder

October 2, 2018

It was another great day at our most recent Meet the Builder breakfast at Buckler’s Park. I love running these sessions because they combine two exciting milestones for our residents – a visit to their new home and a unique opportunity to meet their future neighbours.

The day kicks off with coffee and croissants on our sofas in the Visitors Centre while we update everyone on the development’s progress and how the construction of their homes is coming along. All our residents have a chance to ask questions but it is equally important to us that they get to chat to each other.

It is exciting to hear groups making plans for housewarming parties or trips to the pub and swapping recommendations for everything from nearby restaurants and cycling trails to playgroups. Speaking to people after the breakfast, it is clear that they all enjoy getting to know each other and feel reassured that there will be familiar faces around as soon as they move in.

A major highlight of the day is when we leave the Visitors Centre and take them on the first tour of their new home. There are some things you cannot get a sense of from a floorplan such as the size of the rooms and amount of natural light – it is a thrill to see them take all of this in for the first time and start to picture themselves living in their new home.

Many of our residents bring their friends and family along to the session, wanting to preview their new home and discuss where the furnishings should go. They particularly appreciate having someone to one time with Ross, our Site Manager, who can chat with them through anything from plumbing to insulation.

I always feel like it has been a successful day when I see people exchange phone numbers and discuss coming back to see us soon. It would be great if, in ten years’ time, friends could look back on one of these breakfasts as the day they first met – what a lovely thought!

By Bettina Faull, Sales Manager of Legal & General Homes