Our Approach

You’ll find we do things differently at Legal & General Homes. Our ethos is to build communities where our own employees want to live.

Our four pillars underpin everything we do and is our commitment to strive for excellence. They’re fundamental to giving the best service possible and are used as the framework for all our processes across the business.

Our four pillars place emphasis on; Quality, Customer Service, Sustainability and Social Value.

1) Quality 

We want to go further than just doing things well, we want to establish ourselves as the leading provider of top quality homes in the UK housing sector. Our ambition is to make new builds a preference – challenging the perception that they are inferior to older properties. By focusing on the quality of our homes and the communities we create, we’re striving to set a new bar for the industry and remain committed to tackling the housing crisis.

We try to think about how people actually use the spaces they live in, rather than fixating on the number of bedrooms a property has. We build well-designed homes that have the latest technology as standard. This means our customers benefit from greater control, comfort and lower utility costs because our properties are smarter and more eco-friendly.

2) Customer Service

Understanding what’s important to customers – alongside the natural ups and downs of buying a home – is vital to us. Our Customer Service Charter guarantees transparency and regular and clear communication to ensure a buying process that’s as stress-free as possible. Rather than confusing you with industry jargon, we make sure all of our brochures are written in plain English and that our Sales Consultants take time to explain everything to you clearly.

We’re committed to providing first-class customer service from the moment you walk into our Visitor Centre to the second you open the door of your new home. And it doesn’t stop there – our aftercare team is always on hand to help you once you’ve moved in.

3) Sustainability

When it comes to the actual developments, we ensure we minimise our environmental impact while providing characterful green spaces for residents and the wider community to enjoy.

Specifically, at our development in Crowthorne, we are replanting 20,000 various types of plant life and we are opening up half the land to become public, open space that is designed to enrich the biodiversity of the site and encourage wildlife. We have already saved 30 tonnes of CO2 emissions and reduced the waste sent to landfill by nearly 90 tonnes – all part of our commitment to creating sustainable developments and minimising our environmental impact.

4) Social Value

We believe that the key to delivering real benefits is not only through effective engagement with local communities, but that this must be done on a genuinely collaborative basis. We aim to create social, physical, economic and environmental benefits for our developments as well as the existing communities.

This is why we worked with the Social Value Portal to formally develop the UK’s first Community Social Value Charter for Crowthorne, in Berkshire . We will continue to work with Social Value Portal as an independent body which enables and measures societal impact across all of our developments.

By continuing to focus on these four pillars, our aim is to not only improve the quality and standards of everything we do at Legal & General Homes, but in turn to raise the standards required across the industry.

“I always say that I wouldn’t let someone move into a home that I’m not prepared to let my own family live in. This commitment runs through our team”

John Allan, Managing Director of Legal & General Homes