Assisted Move


  1. The Assisted Move scheme is subject to Legal & General Homes’ sole discretion, we reserve the right to refuse to agree to Assisted Move and we are under no obligation to give reasons why. The offer can be withdrawn at any time.
  2. The Assisted Move scheme is available on selected Legal & General Homes properties only and it is not guaranteed that a buyer will be found for your current home or that a buyer will be willing to pay the price you want. We reserve the right to end the Assisted Move agreement if an acceptable buyer is not found within the specified period. We will instruct local estate agents to undertake an independent valuation and provide marketing advice for your current home. The realistic sale price is based on a sale within a specified timescale fixed by us. You will have the final say on the price at which the property is marketed, but Assisted Move will not be available if the price at which you wish to market your current home is higher than we think is realistic or the timescale is too long. To be eligible for the scheme, no other party can be negotiating the purchase of your current home and you are not to instruct any another estate agent to sell your current home until your Assisted Move agreement has ended.
  3. You agree that Legal & General Homes will determine which estate agent is instructed and the terms of that appointment. You may need to leave a full set of keys and allow reasonable access to your property for accompanied viewings and property surveys. You also agree to cooperate fully with the appointed estate agents in their endeavours to market and sell your property. The sale of your current home is at a price approved by you. When you agree a sale on your current home, a reservation fee is payable to Legal & General Homes for the purchase of your chosen Legal & General Homes property at the agreed price. On the simultaneous legal completion of the sale of your current home and the purchase of your new Legal & General Homes property, we will pay the estate agents fees (up to an agreed maximum).
  4. Please note, your buyer could cancel prior to legal exchange of contracts for the sale of your current home. In this instance, Legal & General Homes retains the right to cancel the purchase of your chosen home. Should we secure a purchaser for your current home on your behalf and you do not proceed to purchase a Legal & General Homes property, you will be liable to pay all associated fees.