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The Jargon Buster

April 9, 2018

Making buying your home as easy as ABC…

There’s no two ways about it – buying your home isn’t easy.  Whether you’re managing mortgage brokers, sourcing solicitors or selecting surveyors it’s likely not an everyday task, so it’s understandable for many people to feel out of their depth.

We understand, sometimes it feels like you’ve found the perfect home but you have to wade through treacle before you can call it yours.  At other times, you’re concentrating so hard on learning a whole new vocabulary that you lose track of the details that really matter – and that could end up costing you more.

That’s why we’ve created our Jargon Buster. A reference guide that you can keep to hand and come back to whenever you need. It explains the jargon, acronyms and generally confusing legal language that you might encounter on your journey from home-browser to home-buyer – freeing you from endless time spent looking these up online and letting you focus on the more exciting aspects of home ownership.

If you’re buying one of our homes then we’ll also send you one in the post so you can carry it with you to those meetings when you need it most.

We want to improve the buying process – and we hope our handy guide will help making purchasing your home that little bit easier.

By John Allan, Managing Director of Legal & General Homes