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What we’ve learnt from life in lockdown

June 26, 2020

It is safe to say that life in lockdown has come with its ups and downs. Trying to juggle entertaining the kids while getting used to our partners becoming our colleagues has been quite an experience. Though stressful at times, the memories that stick out in our minds are the heart-warming and funny moments that we’ve shared as a team and with our friends, families and communities.

At the beginning of lockdown, we shared our recommendations for staying positive at home and now we wanted to share what we’ve learnt over the last few months. We’ve realised that it’s okay if you haven’t mastered a new language, taught yourself to code or run a marathon every week, the most important thing is that we’re all getting through it together – with a few laughs along the way.

We’ve learnt how to stay connected
From WhatsApp to Microsoft Teams, we’ve been making the most of all that technology has to offer. This means that we can support each other just like we did in the office – whether that’s an impromptu advice session following DIY disasters or attending virtual team meetings, being at home doesn’t mean being out of the loop. We’ve also seen our sales team adapt to conducting 360° virtual viewings and online reservations, while still ensuring customers feel at ease and able to ask as many questions as they would in person.

We’ve learnt that there are a million and one ways to keep the kids entertained
But you may need to draft in a little extra help. Over the last few months, we’ve hosted a virtual disco, ‘bring your pet to webcam day’ and a rainbow drawing competition for our team members’ children to help keep little hands busy. Turns out that these are fun activities for adults too!

We’ve learnt to slow down
Not having to rush to an early morning gym class or heading out with friends every evening has made us realise that it’s important to make time to relax at home– whether that involves ordering a takeaway and watching a film with loved ones or catching up on a good book.

We’ve learnt to love local
While shelves in the big supermarkets stood bare, we turned to the local and independent shops on our doorstep that often go underappreciated in normal times. Shopping locally, as well as getting to know the local area and all the hidden walking routes and cycle paths as we kept our outings closer to home, has been a great way to connect to and support our communities.

We’ve learnt that we can do it ourselves
Making our way through the little jobs in the house has turned us all into DIY-veterans. Beyond hanging pictures and sprucing up the garden fence, lots of us have taken to our gardens and balconies to exercise our green thumbs. These tasks have been perfect for taking our mind of things and properly switching off at the weekends.

What have you learnt over lockdown? Let us know your top takeaways from this extraordinary experience on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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