Didcot, Oxfordshire

We are delighted to have commenced development at north east Didcot.

In 2017, planning permission was granted for the development of 1,880 homes to the north east of Didcot. This development will be delivered alongside Croudace Homes, where a full collaboration agreement is in place.

In addition to the new homes, numerous community benefits will also be provided, such as;

  • Affordable housing
  • New primary and secondary schools
  • Employment opportunities in the form of a neighbourhood centre
  • Improved connections via public highways, footpaths and cycleways
  • Allotments
  • A planning leisure facility
  • Sports pitches and a pavilion

We have recently launched the Didcot Community Charter and would welcome any input to help prioritise the needs of the local community.

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Community Charter

We have recently completed a survey to help prioritise needs in the local community so that a Community Charter for Didcot can be developed. This platform will allow you and your fellow members to track and measure activities and interventions that can address Didcot’s greatest needs. The platform will also include a Community Wishlist where locals, businesses and other stakeholders can share their needs and also contribute to the interventions for years to come.

We believe everyone has a part to play in making Didcot the best place possible place to live, learn and work and that everyone should do what they can in support of this goal. The purpose of this process is to identify the needs of the community and start prioritising specific opportunities to address those needs. Ultimately, we want the make sure that any support or resource that is directed to the Didcot community meets local needs as much as possible.

Legal and General Homes has appointed The Social Value Portal to create a Community Charter for Didcot as part of their work at Willington Down. The first Community Charter and Wishlist in the UK was produced for the community in Crowthorne.

L&G Homes