When it comes to design, focus has always tended to be on rooms that are used by more than one person at a time, such as a lounge or a kitchen.

Great care is taken over the positioning of cooking stations and shaping the perfect spot for the television to be put – in contrast, the design of bathrooms has always seemed somewhat neglected.

At Legal & General Homes, we believe every room is special and we want to create properties where residents feel proud of each and every part. But how can you make bathrooms that homeowners will consider as well-designed as kitchens or dining rooms?

Firstly, there must be a high-quality specification – it’s no use having the perfect surroundings if the sink is too high or the bath too shallow. Positioning is also important, as is having the right number of bathrooms for the size of the property: ideally, a four-bedroom house will have several en suites and a separate bathroom downstairs for guests. On the other hand, a two-bedroom apartment may only need two bathrooms, including a shared one that visitors can use.

As with every aspect of a new-build home, bathrooms should be luxurious while being as eco-friendly as possible. It’s our responsibility as developers to ensure we help our customers become more green and environmentally responsible. Providing bathrooms with a series of sustainable features is just one of the ways we do this.

So – how do we, as Legal & General Homes, fulfil this criteria and make our bathrooms the modern, elegant and ecologically-sound spaces that our customers can be proud of?

For a start, we employ some of the finest brands to fill our bathrooms with modern, high-quality fixtures and fittings, at no extra cost to the buyer. To create a pleasing aesthetic, full-height ceramic wall tiles are sourced from Minoli, a specialist based nearby in Oxfordshire that has been operating for sixty years, and anti-fog LED backlit mirrors are installed as standard.

All our homes have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler and sanitaryware from Roca, with thermostatic shower mixers, regular taps and cool exofill bath taps being provided by Hansgrohe. Dual-flush toilets and eco-conscious overflows and pipes are not only reliable, but help to make our homes more environmentally-friendly also. Quality and sustainability are two of the four pillars of our business, along with customer service and social value – all elements we are committed to delivering in everything we do.

We also consider the positioning and the size of the property: our two-bedroom Iver home at Buckler’s Park has an en suite with the master bedroom and a family bathroom next to the second bedroom. Our three-storey Ashford property at Finchwood Park has four bathrooms, so there’s no waiting in that early morning rush.

What about the finishing touches? At Legal & General Homes we take pride in providing a fantastic template and then we offer our buyers a choice of four interior colour palettes to choose from, developed by the award-winning Andrew Henry Interiors. This means they can personalise their bathroom with confidence, knowing that the different components will complement one another and suit their taste.

Please do take a look for yourself: both our Ashford and Iver homes are available for virtual tours. So, head to our website and get in touch with our sales team to view them from the comfort of your own home.

John Allan, Managing Director, Legal & General Homes

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