Escape the property chain and move swiftly with the help of Legal & General Homes and our reputable Part Exchange service.

If you’re looking to take advantage of an existing mortgage rate agreement, port your current mortgage terms, or you’ve just spotted your dream home and want to make a quick move, here’s where our Part Exchange service can prove invaluable.


Benefits of part exchange

Chain-free – we could act as a guaranteed buyer for your existing property, ensuring a hassle-free, smoother move at a time that suits you.

Definite completion date – with no chain, the sale and purchase would happen at the same time.

Cost savings – there are no agent or advertising fees, Home Report or survey costs. Use our Part Exchange calculator to see how much you could save.

Fair value – we commission up to three independent valuations on your home. Once these are completed, we will make an offer of up to 100% market value for a sale within six weeks.

Speedy move – there is less chance of delay when you’re without the uncertainty of a chain, with a quick move into your new home as soon as it is ready. Additionally, with our Ready For You homes, you could move in as little as four weeks.

Mortgage porting – this is when you transfer your existing mortgage deal to a new property. If you have a portable mortgage, using Part Exchange could be a simple way for you to take the rate and terms of your existing mortgage with you.

Most importantly - we take that extra weight off of your shoulders, leaving you to focus on the best part about moving to a new house.



How it works

Our sales consultants will guide you through the process. From checking your eligibility to handing over the keys to your new home, your journey can be a simple one with Part Exchange.

We’ve also put together some great resources on our Part Exchange page to help fill you in...


How Does It Work? – Our step-by-step guide to the Part Exchange process

FAQs Answers to commonly asked questions about the service

Part Exchange calculator – A handy tool to check how much L&G could potentially purchase your home for

Terms & conditions – All the need-to-know information associated with Part Exchange.


If you want to know more about Part Exchange, contact the team at the development you are interested in by checking out our homes for sale page.

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